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About UtoVR

Founded in April 2016, UtoVR is a 360-video production studio; content platform and developer of VR live streaming solutions. UtoVR’s content platform has more than 20,000 active users per day and nearly 2 million cumulative downloads. UtoVR provides 360-video live streaming and recording services for a number of reputable organizations in China such as CCTV, Huawei, Baidu, iQiyi and Xinhua News Agency.

In May 2016, UtoVR received stage-A financing of USD1.5 million from China Hirain Technologies (a subsidiary of Lingnan Landscape Co., Ltd. – stock no. 002717). UtoVR owns 80% of VR player market share in China. Over 200 video and online TV stations applications are using UtoVR 360-video SDK and VR video record service, such as CCTV, SMG, CNTV, VODone, Mi-Cu Video, China Unicom and Tianshan Cloud.


UtoVR’s CEO and co-founder comes from the well-known panoramic technology service provider – Shanghai Jietu Software Co., Ltd. – China’s leading developer and marketer of virtual tour and photo stitching software. Jietu Software was “Online Expo recommended service supplier” of 2010 Shanghai World Expo and also the main photographic equipment supplier of Baidu Map Street View (the Street View department from Jietu merged with China’s largest search engine com- pany – Baidu – in December 2013 for USD5 million).

Global Partnership

UtoVR acts as authorized representative for AirPano in China, on project cooperation, negotiation and content reselling. AirPano is a leading aerial video, 360-photo and 360-video production com- pany, based in Russia.

UtoVR Target

UtoVR is working with Himalayan FM and Hirain Technology to develop VR content in four sectors – film, tourism, education and entertainment.

Live VR Projects (2016 – 2017)

U toVR Independent Productions (300+ episodes, 2015 – 2016)