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VR live streaming collection device.

UtoVR wireless VR cameras support high quality output up to 4K, 30fps.
Simply connect cameras to a computer via network
cables to deliver video stream in real-time.

VR live collection device

UtoVR Cam battery life is 6-8 hours,
using external power source.

VR live work statio

Powerful VR live streaming server with high-end CPU and GPU,
and a very high degree of integration.
Portable support for external audio and SDI signal output,
optimized for docking with professional live streaming platforms.

UtoVR live streaming system

UtoVR live streaming software is tailored for UtoVR cameras.
Open support with high bit-rate, real-time local storage.
Fool proof operation to minimize training costs.
Simple operation, turn-key live streaming solution,
real-time integration, less than one second delay,
real-time video steam and local storage.

VR live streaming platform

UtoVR platform and multi-terminal products all come with a comprehensive guarantee.
UtoVR player works perfectly with all devices, including Apple, Android, Windows and Mac.
VR live streaming content is most immersive when viewed on a high quality HMD.
VR content production, VR player