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UtoVR desktop client

offers quality cross-platform support
for HD video playback. Adaptable external
connection device, support for Bluetooth
handle control, downlaod for Windows or Mac.

UtoVR desktop client features Introduction.

  • Free to download for Windows or Mac with cross-platform support.
  • Supports 4K, HD VR video playback and panoramic picture viewing.
  • Bluetooth handle control, get rid of the mouse and connect wirelessly.
  • Adapts for Oculus DK1 and DK2 external devices, for immersive VR experiences with PC.
  • VR video streaming support.

UtoVR Desktop Client Configuration Wizard.

Optimized for the best experience with large amounts of video data. Refer to the following recommendations.

  • Recommend the use of NVIDIA and AMD discrete graphics, 2G memory or more is better.
  • Memory recommended 2G or more.
  • Playback VR video with h.264 encoding.