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UtoVR Player all-in-one SDK is the first domestically researched and developed VR video software package in China.
Can integrate with other VR video products, for efficient and stable playback. UtoVR SDK fully supports hardware decoding.
Cellphone, PC, HMD, TV set-top box, and other multi-terminal hardware integration.
Mobile devices
VR headset

Free SDK

Many features are free to use
VR video for normal playback Download

Customized SDK

Customize the optimization services
Create a new and exclusive VR video Contact Us

Authorization Introduction

Service items Free version Custom Edition
Video decoder and video format support
Video format MP4,H.264
Video type Ordinary panorama video (2: 1)
3D panorama video (1: 1 or 4: 1)
Video resolution Support 4k HD video playback (online broadcast, local broadcast)
Video play form
On demand Ordinary panorama video (2: 1)
3D panorama video (1: 1 or 4: 1)
Live streaming Support 2K HD
Support 4K ultra-high-definition (local broadcast)
Play control
Mouse or touch screen control Up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out
Play progress control
Full screen / exit full screen
Single screen / dual screen
play / Pause
Gyro control up down left right
Initial angle control Set the horizontal initial angle
Set the vertical initial angle
Set the initial FOV value
Copyright information customization
Right information PC: Right-click menu item
Mobile: Long press to display menu information
Toolbar Play / pause, progress control, full screen / non-full screen
Single screen / dual screen, toolbar style
Mobile: Long press to display menu information
Other Animations / pictures when the video is initially loaded
Video buffers when animated / pictures
Play the copyright of the viewport (eg.upper right corner of logo)
More functional support
Hard decoding and soft decoding
More functional support
UtoVR Player SDK instructions
UtoVR Player SDK BUG Feedback

Cooperation method

Free version can download the SDK directly
Customized version of the service, please contact: 【Mobile】 +86 150 2197 8776 【Email】